Mr Harry's Artefacts Room

Named after the son of the founder of Batemans Brewery this room has been set up as if you are walking in to his office. There are original documents writing by his father, George Bateman, dating back to 1899. There are further letters and documents written throughout the ages giving an insight to the past agriculture, brewing, business, transport and pubs.

Visitors are welcome to browse through all artefacts on display and get acquainted with the bygone age of agriculture, brewing, business, transport and pubs. There is even an old letter to a customer threatening to steal his cows if he did not pay up!  There are also displays of old pump clips and Batemans bottles through the ages.



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Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to