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Pub VacanciesWe have an estate of over 50 pubs across our home county, Lincolnshire, as well as Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Humberside and Yorkshire.

The Bateman family has been brewing beer in Wainfleet since 1874 and over the years has carefully built an estate of quality pubs and a reputation for being fair and caring people to work with. The pubs vary from busy town houses to delightful country inns; from one-bar community pubs to pubs with letting rooms and extensive food operations.

The success of each of these pubs relies on the expertise, professionalism and hard work of the individual and it is Batemans aim to support each and everyone of them in maximising the business potential for their pub. The retail pub division is called 'Profit Partnership' and the structure and ethos creates a fair, sound relationship between landlord and publican, whilst providing the best possible tailor made support package in the industry.

At Batemans we run three type of agreements - Pub Tenancy, Pub Operator Agreement and Managed Houses.

Whichever agreement you take on you are very definitely a name rather than a number. You will know, and be on first name terms with all of the staff at the Brewery who will also know you and your family. This personable approach is an integral part of how Batemans operates.


For a tenancy pub you lay down a deposit (called the Profit Partnership Investment) and take over the running of the business, with our support, on a self-employed basis, paying us a rent which we will agree with you and you buying your drinks products from us on a discounted price arrangement. 


  • Independent family Company
  • Award winning Brewery and department
  • We promise fairness, transparency and integrity
  • Ingoing investment proportionate to expected returns
  • NO RENT REVIEW for duration of tenure
  • Security of tenure
  • Free training
  • 50/50 machine share to tenant
  • Creative agreements that reward endeavour
  • Brewery responsible for structural repairs
  • Subsidised contents, employer, public liability and public liability insurance
  • Regular call from Profit Partnership team offering genuine support
  • Bespoke marketing fund tailored to each house
  • 'Rewarding Success' – standards initiative
  • Inter pub games tournaments
  • Free menu and poster printing service
  • Website design
  • One point of contact for cellar services
  • Free utlity broker and joint buying services
  • Beer festival assistance and planning
  • Free regulations and employment law advice


Bateman Tenancy Benefits and Features are available to download here

Our Standard Agreement does not have a rent review clause and so you can be relaxed when taking a pub with Batemans, that you will not be rewarded for your hard work and endeavour with a significant rent increase! Rents are transparent and are agreed at the commencement of the PP+ agreement.

With a minuted regular visit, marketing support tailor made to your business, a mentoring service for those new to the trade, legislation and regulations support, training, free trade prices, Tenanted Code of Practice (1-499 Tied Pubs), a track record of successful capital investment, subsidised purchasing schemes and much more – we believe our support package is unrivalled.

We offer a creative tenancy agreement that rewards endeavour - we offer a variety of options, depending on the pub and the qualities, experience and financial status of the prospective tenant. These agreements are designed to reward and appeal to first time publicans, publicans with small financial resources, publicans who might alternatively be looking for the financial benefits offered by assignable leases and publicans with significant capital which they wish to invest and might otherwise be looking at free houses. We can meet all of these prospective publicans’ aspirations without the magnitude of risk often associated with leases and freehold properties. We commit to discussing the most suitable tenancy arrangements with business owners at interview. 


Pub Operating Agreement (POA) is a arrangement, for which a deposit is required, this allows the operator, who is self-employed, to use their entrepreneurial skills and flare to grow the sales of the business;  without the pressure of paying all the bills and balancing the books.  They can concentrate of being retailers, developing their business and growing their own income.

Batemans POA Benefits and Features are available to download here


Managed houses are owned and run by the Brewery; the Brewery employs a general manager and staff to run the business.  All staff including the manager are paid a salary.


The Publican said:

'A company where passion, enthusiasm and commitment shone through. Batemans clearly demonstrated values for honesty and commitment'


We are proud of this accolade and would love to talk to you in more detail about taking a pub with Batemans.

For further enquiries please email us by click HERE or call 01754 882015 and speak to Emily

Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to