Our Business Arrangements

Innovative new arrangements designed to reward business owners for developing their business.

Types of Arrangement
We offer a variety of arrangements, depending on the pub and the qualities, experience and financial status of the prospective business owners. These arrangements are designed to reward and appeal to first time publicans, publicans with small financial resources, publicans who might alternatively be looking for the financial benefits offered by assignable leases and publicans with significant capital which they wish to invest and might otherwise be looking at free houses. We can meet all of these prospective publicans’ aspirations without the magnitude of risk often associated with leases and freehold properties. We commit to discussing the PP+ agreement with you at interview. It should be noted that all business arrangements are not available in every case.

Our PP+ agreements offer the benefit of a rent that cannot be increased by more than RPI for as long as the business owner is in the pub and meeting their own obligations.


Summary of Business Arrangement
The PP+ agreement offer the Profit Partnership Investment Arrangement (see below), Security of Tenure (except the 5 months and 25 days agreements and Tenancy of Will agreement), discounts, no rent reviews and award winning business support.

Goodwill Creation Arrangement: -

Capital Investment Arrangement: -

Standard Three Year Tenancy: -

Fixed Term Agreement: -

All our agreements, except the 5 months and 25 days agreement and Tenancy at Will agreements, are subject to the Landlord and Tenant Act (1954), which gives the business owner the automatic right to renew the agreement at the end of each term, providing the statutory renewal procedures and notices have been followed and the agreement’s terms have been adhered to.

The PP+ agreement, to all intents and purposes, is the business owner's, until they decide they wish to terminate it. As landlords we can only serve notice to terminate the PP+ agreement on specific grounds; if the business owner has been in breach of the agreement or if we wish to redevelop the premises or get them back for our own use; examples include developing the site for alternative use or turning the pub into a managed house. In the unlikely event of us serving notice to take the site back, compensation would be due to the business.

With all of our agreements, except the 5 months and 25 days agreement and Tenancy at Will agreements, the business owner has the right to serve notice to leave at the third, and subsequent tri-annual anniversaries of the agreement. Formal notice to terminate needs to be received by us between six months and twelve months prior to a tri-annual anniversary.

Profit Partnership Investment Arrangement
With this arrangement, which can be added tto the PP+ agreement, rather than purchasing the fixtures and fittings, as per the outdated tenancy arrangement, the business owner purchases the right to run the business (‘the investment’), at a value which is apropriate for the potential earnings of the business.  There is a direct correlation between the potential profitability of the business and the value of the investment. The business owner is however responsible for the repair, maintenance and depreciation of the inventory. If a business owner does not have the full Profit Partnership Investment, we can make arrangements to withhold some of the product discounts to offset against the shortfall.

All our agreements offer attractive off invoice pricing for products..

We enter into a 50% share arrangement with business owners on machine income.


Business Arrangement Details

Goodwill Creation Arrangment
This arrangement focuses on giving added reward to business owner who have increased their overall business, rather than just the drinks side. 

A Goodwill Creation Arrangment needs signing and works alongside the PP+ Agreement.

The Fair Maintainable Profit (an achievable profit, FMP) for the pub is agreed and if on a third anniversary a business owner can demonstrate, through audited accounts, that for the previous two years they have exceeded the agreed FMP they will be rewarded with a payment of half the value of the average annual excess.

Target Profit:      £30,000
Year 2 Actual:    £41,000
Year 3 Actual:    £43,000
Average Excess: £12,000
Payment (half):   £6,000

This payment is obviously in addition to the extra profit the business owner has already generated. In effect the agreement provides the opportunity for a business owner to receive a payment for developing aspects of the business not directly linked to the sale of drinks, such as food and accommodation.

Obviously the business owner can continue with their PP+ at the pub when this option is exercised.

Capital Investment Arrangement
With the Capital Investment Arrangement, there is the incentive for the business owner to invest their own money into the structure of the pub. Should a project be agreed with us in writing and the level of investment (usually no more than £50,000), then at the date of the agreement to invest, the turnover of the business is determined. At any annual anniversary of the agreement to invest, or an alternative agreed date, if the business owner can demonstrate, through their audited accounts, a net percentage increase in the turnover of the business, they have the right to ‘call in’ their original investment with interest at the same percentage rate as the percentage increase in turnover. Obviously the business owner can continue with their PP+ agreement at the pub when this option is exercised.

Investment:                                        £20,000
Turnover:                                            £250,000
Turnover Increased to:                       £350,000 which is + 40%
Payment to tenant business owner:   £20,000 + 40% = £28,000

Standard Three Year Agreement
We also offer a standard three year tied tenancy with the conventional purchase of the inventory, for those business owners who prefer this traditional route.

5 Months and 25 Days Short Term Agreement
This is an introductory agreement, sometimes offered to less experienced business owners, or when both parties may wish for a shorter agreement, for a variety of reasons. This type of agreement is not automatically renewable and does not fall under the regulations of the Landlord & Tenant Act (1954).

We would offer this shorter term agreement if for example, a business owner does not have the necessary capital to fund ‘the investment’ in full.

Agreement Variations

We are willing to consider variations to the aforementioned agreements.  

Pre Entry Awareness
Before signing any agreement we commit to going through all the implications which will affect you and confirming this in writing for you to consider. Once the agreement is selected and signed we are committed to helping the business owner develop the business to achieve its full potential.

After the agreement is selected and signed we are committed to developing each pub to achieve its full trading potential. To this end, we will discuss with the business owner ideas for developing the property and buildings to maximise the potential of the site, to the benefit of both parties.

Once an agreement has been entered into, it needs noting that we do not operate a ‘cooling off’ period.

Should a business owner be facing a significant downturn in trade, a full review of the operation will be carried out and concessions may be given.

For further enquiries please email Emily or call 01754 882015


Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to drinkaware.co.uk