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Running your own pub can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever do, but it is not for everyone. The hours are long and by the end of the day – being able to put a big smile on as a new customer walks though the door is what differentiates the best licensees from the rest.

We have already mentioned that we own a broad selection of pubs across the East of England – which are sited from York to Great Yarmouth, so if you can run a great business and offer the finest hospitality, even at the end of a long day(!) then we would be delighted to talk with you!

The downloads below range from our Code of Practice through to a blank Business Plan to enable you to plan what will make 'your' pub work.

Tenancy Code of Practice (1-499 pubs)
To download the Tenancy Code of Practice (1-499 pubs) please click HERE

Features and Benefits of a Batemans Profit Partnership Agreement.
To download the Benefits and Features of running a pub with Batemans please click HERE

Eyes Wide Open please click HERE

Application Form
To download an application form please click HERE

The either post it to
Emily Knight
George Bateman & Son Ltd
Salem Bridge Brewery

or click HERE to email Emily

Business Plan
A business plan is not something that you should fear, in fact it is the opposite. The questions asked will be the ones that you have already asked (and often answered) in your head as you walk around the pub. What this document does is just enable you to put those thoughts down on paper and make absolutely certain that the financial elements all stack up for you.

To download a business plan please click HERE


Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to