'Quality has always been at the heart of everything we do' - Stuart Bateman

Our wholesaling business is all about helping the customer make the best choice in selecting their beers, ciders, wines, spirits and minerals that are appropriate for their business and their customer.  Every pub and restaurant is different and has its own unique requirements.  Making the correct selection can be difficult, our brochures are laid out to make it as easy as possible with the back up of a great team of area sales managers to help.

The brochures come with great helpful tips and background information to assist you.  Help is also available to organise menus whether it is for wine or the recent development of craft gins.

Please click on any of the brochure links below to view:

Brands Brochure                       Spirit Brochure                        Wines by Grape


 Victoria Boardman.  Please click HERE to email Victoria 

South East Midlands
 Ian Bogie.  Please click HERE to email Ian

 Michael Matthews.  Please click HERE to email Michael               

 Mike Powell. Please click HERE to email Mike

 John Sharpe.  Please click HERE to email John

North East Midlands
 Iain Town. Please click HERE to email Iain

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Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to