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Batemans Core Cask Beers

with new branding 


Batemans have been craft brewers since 1874 and have now evolved the branding to help represent this. Batemans are extremely proud of their heritage and the part which the Batemans Brewery windmill has played in the history and success of the family company. The windmill is synonymous with Batemans Brewery, which is why it remains the core image of the new branding.

The old branding has been in place for some 30 years and it has now been transformed to make it more contemporary and representational of the Brewery and beer brands.

For information on the brewing history please click HERE


What are craft beers?

Many people struggle to defie them? At Batemans they are defined as beers that come from a craft brewry.  A brewery run by the 4th generation, on the same site for over 140 years, using the same traditional brewing techniques, where many of those working at the brewery have done so for over 30 years, having had the craft passed down to them from father to son.

For information on both Batemans draught and bottle beers please click HERE


Batemans bottle, draught and pubs win awards both locally and nationally.

Throughout the years the Brewery and pubs have won numerous awards both e home county of Lincolnshire and nationally.

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Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to drinkaware.co.uk