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Batemans brew a wide selection of beers, some are always available, then there are Special (seasonal) beers and Bottled Beers.

We have brewed beer from our Brewery in Wainfleet since 1874, now with this amount of knowledge you would be right in thinking we must be rather good at it by now!

Our beers are classed in three types –  We have four 'Permanent' beers which we brew year around. Then we add to this a range of 'Speciality' beers which are brewed to support a sporting event or season. And of course we then have our 'Bottled' beers which are sold Supermarkets and other retailers as well as pubs around the UK.


Visitors Centre

Batemans Brewery is a wonderful place to come and visit. With Brewery tours and a host of artefacts to keep everyone interested.

Based in an old windmill dating back two centuries and overlooking the River Steeping, Batemans Brewery is one of the oldest and most picturesque breweries in the country.

Our Visitors Centre, known for 'Fun Food and Froth', is home to a range of attractions that will keep the whole family entertained. Visitors from across the globe come to our Brewery to enjoy an exciting day out, filled with games and competitions, Brewery tours, great Lincolnshire food and interesting displays with artefacts dating back to 1899.


Where to buy our Beers

We do try and make it very easy for you to get your hands on any of our beers and other Batemans products!

You can buy our beers from any of our pubs throughout the East of England and with almost 60 pubs we hope we haven't got one a million miles away. Then there are another 200 pubs which are run by very, very clever people – and they stock at least one of our beers.

Then if you want to enjoy a drop or two of a Batemans beer at home then just click on to our Online shop and we will deliver to your door or hopefully at least one of our bottled beers is in a  Supermarket near you.

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Drink Aware

Please note that alcohol can only be purchased by those aged 18years and over and at Batemans we urge all our customers to drink responsibly. For further information on suggested limits and how to drink responsibly please go to